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creating heartfelt images of your family’s unique

Connection, Joy and Beauty

(especially in the chaos)

Lets keep it easy and fun while wrapping it up by including both digitals and prints to hold onto for years to come.

Family Sessions

Family sessions are the perfect way to capture where your family is at this moment in time.  We will make sure to capture that classic smile at the camera picture but then things will lighten up and we will play some games and get some snuggle time too!

I love to have your photo evening feel like family time playing and exploring together.  I’ll help you choose one of the many amazing locations options based on the style you are hoping for.  Don’t worry about the kids behaving (or your husband) I’ll take care of all of that – just enjoy your time together. 

 These sessions are always done during the best light of the day.  Outdoor sessions are the first 2 hours after sunrise or before sunset and indoor sessions are done mid-day.

Hi – I’m Eva

As a mom of 3 – I know first hand how hard AND absolutely beautiful your motherhood journey is. Whether your story is just beginning or you are many years into this journey you already know these are the moments that will both shape your life and be so fleeting.

“Change is the only constant in life” -Heraclitus

Capturing the connection of your family during each new chapter of parenthood is what I’m passionate about. These moments will fly by in a whirlwind and I want you to know you have each chapter preserved to come back to not just what it looked like but also the feelings of these moments – the love, joy and tenderness throughout each stage of motherhood.

Photography is my way to savor the details and emotions that are so often hard to verbalize. Let me help you transform life’s sweetest moments into both digital images to come back to forever and also tangible heirlooms to treasure in your hands (or on your walls) for a lifetime.

Family Photos & Kids Bedtime

Schedule your family photos for the best light of day AND when your kids are at their best!

Pricing & Information

Schedule your session for $275

The $275 Session Fee covers Eva’s time and talent and is required to reserve your session date and time.

Prints and digital products are purchased separately after you receive your gallery. All Collections include both digital images and print credit. Petite collections range from $100-$300 while full session collections start at $595. This allows you the opportunity to view your images and select what best suits your family.

Next Steps

You’re busy so let’s keep things simple…


Let’s Connect

Send me a message to get my full session guide by email (every detail from start to finish – including pricing) or to schedule a call. Let’s chat about the whole process including all the details so you can feel confidant booking your session.



Complete your booking paperwork and reserve your session date. Look over the what to expect guide and fill out your questionnaire so I can plan the perfect session day (including sending you personalized location guides ideal for your family!). Your session day will be fun and low stress – let me guide the fun!


Choose exactly what YOU want

After your session you will see all your images in a beautiful slideshow – this is truly the highlight! Then choose a collection of digitals and print credit of exactly what you want after you have seen your pictures. Every family receives both digitals and professionally printed products of their choice to hold onto forever.

Frequently Asked Questions

After you schedule your family photo session – you will receive a session questionnaire. In this questionnaire it will ask the type of location you are hoping for and how far from your house you are willing to travel for an outdoor session. For an outdoor session I will hand pick a few locations that I know will be great specifically for your family and send you a location guide to each. You can look through all the details and choose the best one for you! Of course your home or a studio rental are also always a great option too.

When we chat about scheduling your session we can narrow in a few dates that will work on both of our calendars.  You can then schedule fully online and let me know which date is best for you! I also have an online calendar here you can use to help you pick a date but please keep in mind it is not always up to date and I always hold additional dates for reschedules etc. so just because a date is not on this calendar please still reach out to confirm.

I will typically have your slideshow to you within 1-2 weeks of your session. However, according to my contract I have 30 days to complete your gallery. If you are working on a specific timeline that you need your images by please be sure to let me know during our pre-session consultation so I can give you a better estimate based on how busy I am at the time.

I don’t expect kids to “behave” during your session. I encourage running, playing, laughing, and getting genuine smiles from everyone. (Did you know I used to be a teacher? Take a breathe and let me keep them busy!

I do not put a time on my sessions so we never feel rushed and an unexpected need during our time together is no big deal but typically a family session is about 60-90 minutes. I would suggest blocking off 2 hours for your session just so you have plenty of time and are not in a rush.

We will reschedule if necessary. I’d much rather work with you when you are all feeling well. We will reschedule for illness or unexpected emergencies.  If the weather is less than desirable we will discuss and reschedule as needed.  I hold additional days in my calendar for these types of things. 

Get In Touch

If you’re looking for a photographer and you connect with my work, I would love to hear from you!