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#1 No Traveling

The number one reason to do in home newborn photos is because you don’t have to take your baby out anywhere! You just had a baby – you all just want to be at home! Scheduling newborn photos at home means less germs, less getting the diaper bag ready and less planning of all the “what if’s” that you need to be ready for. When you do your newborn photos at home any surprises that pop up are no problem. A big diaper blow out – no problem, hungry – no problem, spit up on mom’s shirt – no problem. In home newborn photos alleviate all (or at least most) of the stress for new parents trying to get somewhere looking their best with baby ready to be out for multiple hours.

parents holding baby while he looks at them

#2 Everyone is more comfortable

Everyone is going to be more comfortable at home for your in newborn photos. You know your space and can put your feet on the table! Its time to relax and just enjoy the time with your growing family in your own home. This is especially true for older siblings and pets! For families that have a toddler or older sibling in home newborn photos are the absolute best. They will feel so much more comfortable snuggling their new baby in a familiar place. Both toddlers and pets know the rules at home which allows them to be themselves. Pets are always welcome to join in when you choose in home newborn photos! They can come and go as they please or just allow them to join when the time is right.

baby sleeping looking to the left on white blanket

#3 Memories of the home your baby came home to

It may not feel like a big deal right now but in home newborn photos will be cherished for looking back at your family home and their nursery. Most families will move and many babies will never know their first home so capturing your family in your home togethers will become the way your little one sees this time in their life. We will always capture the nursery (if you have one) and just the space they were brought home to – your home is part of their story and it deserves to be captured in their in home newborn photos.

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