Where should we do our session, I don't have a location idea? 
The best places are where your family is familiar and comfortable.  Would you like a natural setting or an urban feel?  At your home, or your local park? Luckily Colorado offers ample beautiful locations to choose from and I'm happy to help you choose a place that I've done sessions previously to fit the type of portraits you are wanting.  We will discuss this during our pre-session consultation and be sure to find the perfect setting.  Studio space is available for an additional fee.
What should I expect at my session?
First of all, come to your session expecting to have fun and spend time together.  I like to take things pretty casual and get to know each other and be comfortable first.  I will ask a lot of questions to get a feel for who you are and what images/combinations are must haves for you.  When we do start taking pictures I like to let the family take the lead where they are most comfortable with posing and will maybe ask you to make slight changes here and there.  I will then likely ask you some weird questions or tell you to do silly things to capture the fun.  As we start to get bored in one area we will move to a new spot with a new "pose" and try some new things to mix it up. 
How do newborn sessions work?
Ideally you should schedule your newborn session during your 2-3rd trimester for near your due date because I take a very limited number of newborns each month.  Then you will contact me when baby arrives and we will schedule the exact day and time somewhere in the 4-14 day old range.  I include travel (with all of my equipment) to your home so you do not have to do anything but relax and keep baby home while I do all of the work.  We will use some settings in your home to take some lifestyle type images as well as setting up a mini studio area for posed pictures of your new addition.  My goal for these sessions is to keep baby as content as possible (warm, fed, content) and to allow parents to relax and enjoy the experience.  We will run the session on baby's schedule and needs!
How soon will I get to see my album?
According to my contract I have 30 days to complete your album.  However, I am normally so excited about my sessions that I tend to post a sneak peek to my facebook page very quickly and then follow up with the full album 1-2 weeks later.  If you are working on a specific timeline that you need your images by please be sure to let me know during our pre-session consultation so I can give you a better estimate based on how busy I am at the time.
How will I receive my images when the album is done?
When your album is complete you will receive an email with a link and password to access your album.  The password is required to view any images and can be shared with anyone you would like to see your gallery.  You will also receive a pin for any images that were included with your package to allow you to download so please do not share your pin.  
What should we wear to our session?
This is a big question!  First of all make sure you are comfortable but don't be afraid to get fancy if you'd like elegant portraits.  Colors and patterns are fine (especially when somewhat coordinated) but staying away from large logos and characters tends to be a good idea as they can be overly distracting. For maternity images choosing a more fitted or "flowy" dress are ideal, ask me if you need something I may have some options!  For newborn session, parents and siblings should wear a simple white or black shirt (or no shirt for guys if they are comfortable).  Baby will also look great in a very simple white onesie and will be spending most of the time wrapped or naked.  If you have some special outfits/blankets or hats/headbands those make great pieces for pictures that are more personal. Check out my pinterest page for some ideas.
Why should I order prints from you, can't I get them anywhere?
Yes, if you have purchased the digital files (or they were included) you are able to print your images anywhere BUT not all printers are created equal.  Actually the majority of public printers are quite low quality.  I use a professional print shop that will produce only top quality products and prints for your priceless images.  Only the quality of prints ordered through my print shop will be guaranteed.
Will I get to see all of the images you take?
In short, no, I will take hundreds of images and part of my job is to edit those images down to the very best.  You don't want to sift through everything, trust me! I require all of my images to pass my high  standards before they are presented to you.  However, I will do my very best to include the best of each setting or series that we take.  If and when there are a few images that I am having difficulty choosing from I am able to share those few with you and allow you to choose the one you would like in your final album.  Although no image taken in your session is guaranteed if something is missing from your album that you would really like to see please contact me and lets talk!
Will I get posed portraits of my family?
Hopefully, yes, I do try to get a traditional image of every family member looking and smiling at every session but sometimes it is just not possible.  As a mom, I do want images of my kids faces so I can see how they change and grow and I will get this for you!
Will I get unposed lifestyle portraits of my family?
Yes, I love to take images of you enjoying your family and this is where the bulk of our time will be spent.  I will capture the "feeling" of your family.
Do you have a travel fee?
Yes, anything farther than 20 miles from 80012 will incur an additional travel fee depending on the distance.  Please contact me if you have a specific location you would like!
When is the payment due for my session?
A non-refundable deposit of 20% or $50 is due when you schedule your session and sign your contract to reserve you date and time. The final payment is then due 7 days before your session date.
My family is not "typical" can you work with us?
Yes! I am happy to work with any situation.  My son has special needs (an ultra-rare genetic disease) and I understand the additional challenges his differences can pose BUT I also very much see and cherish the unparalleled joy he brings to everything he is involved in.  My goal is to capture your family no matter what that includes for you.

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