First Birthday Cake Smash – 5 Reasons to do it at home

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#1 A First Birthday is a HUGE Milestone – Time to Celebrate!

It is definelty a time to celebrate and also document this moment! You have survived the first year with your little one and it is time to celebrate with a first birthday cake smash. Doing a first birthday photo session of all their smiles, cuteness, and curiosity at this age combined with a celebratory cake (or your food of choice!) is a must. Add in a super fun sink bath with bubbles to clean up and capture all their adorable little rolls that will soon disappear! A cake smash can be SO fun but also overwhelming for your little one – it is a totally new experience for them! Guess where your little one is most comfortable? That’s right – at home with you!

Mom surprised for baby biting cake at first birthday cake smash in Parker Colorado

#2 Your little one is most comfortable at home for a cake smash

This is the one that should convince you an at home session is the best option for a cake smash! Babies often feel the pressure during their cake smash. A new place can turn quickly from what was supposed to be fun to very overwhelming and full of tears. Imagine people staring at you – including a stranger with a big black camera. Along with everyone telling you to touch this new texture and put it in your mouth. All while sitting in a spotlight (if your in a photo studio). Oh and don’t forget to smile! This would make me cry too! The pressure is off when they are in their own environment. Plus you can plan it for their best time of day (typically right after their morning nap is perfect). It is so much more low stress for everyone!

#3 No traveling for your first birthday photos

Think about how much work it is to prepare for any photo session. Then add it all the extra details for their first birthday! Going to a cake smash photo session is even more work! (A photo outfit, cake, blanket, stand, what will they wear for the cake smash, diapers, snacks, favorite comfort items, cleaning them up after the cake and finally something to go home in) Plus the driving time is cutting into their ideal photo time when they are happy and fed right after nap. And when you do finally get home you are still not done! You still need to unload and clean up (again!)

#4 Baby will want to remember their first home

Many of us will move before our little ones really make memories of their first home. So even though you might feel like your home is not perfect – your baby will LOVE to look back at pictures of where they first lived. Doing your cake smash at home means you get to include more of their life in the pictures – often times their room, crib, reading a favorite book, favorite blankets/stuffed animals, and toys. These things might not seem important now but later they will be VERY important memories.

#5 The gift that keeps on giving

A photo session is the ultimate gift to them. These pictures are something they will keep forever! First Birthday photos will often show up throughout their life as favorites. High school senior yearbooks and slideshows and even at weddings! Plus special bonus there is no better grandparent gift!

  • Bonus Tip – Keep it simple – no need for a ton of props or theme . Focus on your little one and the connection you have with them right now in your home. We’ll capture all those little details – fingers, toes, eye lashes, and special toys.
  • Don’t want a cake? Here are some other ideas that can be just as fun! Painting (with colored yogurt or whip cream), spaghetti, watermelon, pancakes, donuts, or a holiday theme like gingerbread house or pumpkin pie are all great options!

See more photo sessions by Eva Elizabeth Photography HERE!

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