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Zoey’s In Home Newborn Photo Session with photographer Eva Elizabeth

In home newborn family image with 2 dogs and baby in Wash Park Denver home

As I walked into this beautiful Wash Park Denver home for an in home newborn photography session the entire main floor was under construction! There was paper covering the floors, boxes everywhere and building supplies covering the counters.

Zoey’s arrival nearly a month early was a big surprise. And threw a wrench in their plans to have everything in place after just moving into their new Wash Park Denver home.

Zoey had already arrived when her mom called to schedule their in home newborn photography session. Even though things were feeling crazy and not sure how ready their home would be capturing Zoey during her first few weeks was a priority.

After moving past the first floor of construction Zoey’s mom showed me around upstairs – they had managed to get the nursery all set up as well as a simple guest room. The master bedroom was a beautiful space with its own sitting area. It was also all set up but because of the construction and having a newborn they were all living out of this space. Instead of tidying up this entire area for pictures they were able to push everything in the sitting area to the far side of the room. This created a third living room styled space in their Wash Park Denver home.

As I met Dad and Zoey for the first time – Dad let me know it had been a rough night with very little sleep. They said they nearly cancelled but knew they wanted at least some pictures of Zoey and they would be happy to get anything to document this time and their love for Zoey.

I helped mom finalize her outfit and as we got Zoey dressed. Dad was able to take a few minutes to himself as I started with some photos of Zoey and mom in the guest room. Dad joined us a few minutes later refreshed and ready for pictures.

Zoey of course slept perfectly through the entire session (after being up all night!) and we were able to move quickly through tons of family pictures in the guest room, nursery and the sitting area of the master bedroom.

Parent holding baby in Wash Park Denver home

The session wrapped up with a few more pictures of just Zoey. Including some special items like Dad’s childhood stuffed lion. In perfect form Zoey snuggled right in and as her parents watched they both started crying tears of joy. The overwhelm of emotions for this incredible experience journey they have begun with Zoey.

Zoey’s family was beyond grateful to not only capture a few moments but to walk away with over 100 images showing all their love and connection for their new baby during this incredibly overwhelming and crazy phase of life they are in having just moved to Wash Park Denver.

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