Family Photos and Kids Bedtime

Schedule your family photos for the best light of day AND when your kids are at their best!

Time of day and more specifically the light available is the most important factor in photography and to get amazing family photos. Photography is the art of capturing light. The best light of the day is called “golden hour” and is typically the first 2 hours after sunrise and the last 2 hours before sunset. This is also when most family photo sessions take place.

So how do you schedule your family photos if your little one is asleep before sunset most nights? Here is everything you need to know to schedule your photo session for the best light possible and your kids schedule throughout the year! (Timing not looking good for your family? Skip down to number 3)

1. Choose your season

First of all time of the year is important for family photos – in Colorado I suggest not to do any family photos outside from December through at least February – stick to the studio in the winter months! The only exception to this is if you are really wanting snowy pictures OR if mom is pregnant so maternity pictures can’t wait! The good news is March-November are all great options for outside family photos in Colorado. If you are from here you know the weather can be unpredictable still in March-April and again late October – November but there are always nice days mixed in! Spring is best for those early blooms and locations with more than just fields and trees. Summer is best for creeks and mountain wildflowers and fall is best for changing leaves!


2. Time of Day

Most families know they want pictures sometime during the year but are more flexible on when they happen so schedule your family photos based on the timing that makes the most sense for your kids! Don’t discount those morning hours (I know no one wants to give up a morning sleeping in) morning is often when kids are up anyway and in their best mood of the day. Knock those family photos out first thing and don’t worry about it all day!

Here is a list of approximately when full sessions would start for each good month of the year. Keep in mind these are based on 90 minute – 2 hour sessions so if you are doing a quick mini it could be anytime within 2 hours after the morning time or 2 hours after the evening time.

Full Session Start Times by Month (approximate – depending on early or late in the month and location)

March: 7:00am or 5:30pm

April: 6:30am or 6-6:15pm

May: 6am or 6:30-6:45pm

June: 5:45am or 6:45-7pm

July: 6am or 6:45-7pm

August: 6:30am or 6:15pm

September: 6:45 – 7am or 5:45pm

October: 7:30am or 4:45pm

November: 7am or 3:30pm

Find all the sunrise and sunset times here!


3. Locations for family photos

These times still don’t work well for your family photos? There is one last solution – location! There are some work arounds for light – ahem shade – so if choosing the best time of year is not an option lets chat about locations that will work at different times of day! We can choose a location with more shade earlier in the evening to stretch those time frames for your family photos as needed.


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