When I first arrive at your home we will get to know each other a little bit and I’ll have you give me a quick tour of your home home so we can choose an ideal spots(s) for photos depending on the light in your home.

○ Most commonly families use the master bedroom and nursery, but sometimes also the living area or a siblings room. (Please let me know if there is a space you want to make sure is included.)
○ Remember that for a lifestyle session your home will be featured like another member of you family so it is important that it is tidy.
○ I also always request that we crank the heat up (77ish) so that when we unwrap the little one they are still comfortable and cozy.

It is best for siblings and families to wear very basic neutral clothing (think white/pastel/light t-shirts/undershirts or skin for boys, and flowy dresses for girls) as we want all the focus to be on the baby for these sessions. It is also helpful to have baby dressed in a plain white kimono style onsie (buttons on the front so you don’t have to pull it off over baby’s head). A basic onesie will work fine also.

I typically like to do sibling pictures right away as the older kids tend to lose their excitement quickly! These tend to be done on the floor near a window or in the parents bed. Please let me know if you have any special requests.

Next we will move on to some full family images (so siblings are then done and can participate as they want from that point on). At this point things can really relax as we just focus on parents loving on baby. We can move to other spaces in the home and capture more of the everyday lifestyle of your family.

Finally I will capture some pictures of just baby in the onesie, with a wrap and and naked. I will bring a few wrap choices for baby but anything personal that you have (special blanket, lovey, family heirlooms, headbands etc) always make the pictures more personal and meaningful later. I do like to include parents hands in some of these photos so you may want to make sure your hands/nails are how you would like them to be for pictures.

Please let me know if there are any very specific items/colors that are a must have for you so I can be sure that we include those!

Most importantly, this is baby’s photo session and we will do everything on baby’s schedule. I am very easy going and patient so please do not worry about any changes we need to make to accommodate babies needs! Feedings, diaper changes (messes with no diapers) and crying happen at every session; and is to be expected at some point.

**Please let me know of any medical concerns (baby, mama, and family)that may need to be considered for safety during the session.** 

Finally please let me know during the session if you have ideas you want to try or feel that something is missing from the session so we can get some shots while I am there! I love hearing your ideas and they make your images fit your family better!

Thank you so much for inviting me into your home to capture this special time. I am so looking forward to our time together.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns at any time!

What to Expect for Your Newborn Lifestyle Session

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