Parker Petite

Your Guide to a Stress Free photo session

Hi There,

In case we haven’t met yet – I’m Eva from Eva Elizabeth Photography. I created this guide to help make your photo experience as easy as possible.  I’ve used my years of experience to put all my best tips from prepping kids to planning outfits in one place!  If there is one thing I’ve learned over the years it is that every session is different so nothing in this guide is mandatory – just tips and ideas I have found that often lead to the best results that I want to share with you! Most importantly – plan to take a breathe and spend some time loving on your family at your session! Scroll on through and start getting excited for your session day!

Can’t wait to see you!
– Eva

What To Expect

Fill out your session questionnaire so I can get to know your family a little beforehand.  Our time will be quick so this will help me connect with all of you in the short amount of time we have.

Don’t worry about the details – I’m going to send you a final session email 2 days before your session with everything you need to know including directions, session times, reminders and anything specific for your session. 

Arrive early – at least 5-10 minutes. Getting pictures can be stressful – for everyone especially if you are rushed on a time schedule.  Petite sessions are sometimes scheduled back to back so there is no flexibility in timing.  Leave yourself plenty of time for that unexpected wrong turn or bathroom stop! 

Relax – I will guide you where to be and what to do! We will play some games, snuggle up and take turns for individual pictures of the kids! I will let you all know when to look at the camera so you can just enjoy the experience with your family!

You did it – go get a treat together!  You will receive an email within 2 weeks of your session date with a gallery link to your beautiful pictures.  You can decide what collection you would like and finish your purchase directly from your gallery.  As soon as your purchase is complete  You will be able to select and download your included high resolution images directly from your gallery and choose how you would like to use your print credit in the shop.

What to Wear

This is probably either what you are most excited about or most dreading for your session – what is everyone going to wear?  Here are some guidelines to help you plan both what to wear and what to avoid!  

– Dress it up: you can’t go too fancy!
– Dress for the weather (layers are GREAT!)
– Choose comfortable options
– Stick with 2-3 colors that coordinate
– Soft, deep and neutral colors are all great
– Patterns that aren’t too overwhelming
– Movement (light, flowy, ruffles) in dresses
– Texture (lace, crochet, velvet)
– Coordinate shoes
– Accessorize to finish the looks (jewelry, hats, jean jackets, sweaters etc.)

– Logos and characters on clothing
– Loose/Baggy clothing – keep everything fitted
– Bright/Neon Colors
– Jersey Knit fabric on adults
– Athletic Shoes
– Frilly costume dresses for girls
– Everyone being “matchy matchy”
– Short dresses (plan on moving around a lot!)
– visible panties for girls (consider bloomers under dresses for little ones)

Start with one outfit that you either love (i.e. you know what you want your daughter to wear) or is the best you can do for a picky child (my tween requires heavy negotiations for clothing – so I start with him).  Choose that one outfit and build the others around it. If you get to choose your beginning outfit start with Mom’s!

Extra Tips

For Her:
– Say yes to the dress (wrap dresses with some movement look great on every body shape!)
– Maxi skirts or jeans and a fitted shirt (with texture) are more casual alternatives
– Short sleeves over the upper arm or layer with a sweater/jean jacket
– Don’t forget the accessories – hats, jewelry and shoes can really make an outfit
– Check your finger nails – your hands will be in the pictures!
– Treat yourself! Pictures is a great time to have your hair and make-up done professionally to show up really feeling your best.

For Him:
– Button ups, Polos or Henley’s are all good shirt choices
– well fit pants – jeans, colored pants, or khakis
– dress or boat shoes (no sandals)
– check finger nails – his hands will be in the pictures too!
– accessorize with beanies, jackets, watches and fun socks

For the kids:
– Dress them up in something a bit more than their typical play clothes (all the adult guidelines also work for the kids!)
– Accent anything that is especially adorable for their age (overalls, rompers, twirly dresses)
– layer them up for the weather – sweaters, jackets, vests.
– wear tights or bloomers under dresses for little girls
– Focus on the details even more – bow ties, suspenders, flower crowns, hair bows.

Need more help? Pinterest has tons of outfit inspiration and color palettes.

Let Someone Else Take Care Of It

Or better yet, want to have someone else do all of this outfit planning for you? CLICK HERE to check out Style and Select – for $15 they will plan the outfits for everyone in your family and tell you where to purchase each piece (with options to use what you already own too and put in a budget to stick to!)

Happy Kids

1. Get your kids ready when you get there

Arrive early enough to get your littlest ones ready when you arrive – you know they will find a way to get dirty in their car seat! You can focus on getting yourself ready at home, feed them a snack on the way (teenagers and husbands could use snacks too) and then throw their clothes on when you arrive.

2. Stay flexible

Kids are unpredictable at times so I find it best to follow their lead.  If they need to run – we can play a game we don’t have to sit still, maybe they only want to be held – that’s ok we will start with some family snuggles. Even if you feel they are not at their best thats ok – continue to smile through and do your best to keep things fun and light – there is nothing worse than an adorable kid picture (maybe with a mischievous smile) with an angry parent in the background.

3. Keep it fun

I love playing and interacting with your kids to get those genuine smiles I know you love.  This may mean me acting like a fool with crazy noises or you singing/playing peek a boo behind me. This could also mean some mini marshmallow or fruit snacks during the session or going out to ice cream afterward.  Whatever it takes to get those smiles. (Avoid promises that will not work well in the pictures or disappear quickly – like oreos, chocolate, suckers or toys they will never put down)

A Final Note

I can’t wait for our session together!

Hopefully you found this information helpful. If you have any questions or concerns leading up to your session, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

My goal is to serve you the best that I can! This is going to be a fun session! Relax and enjoy making these memories with your family that you’ll get to treasure forever. 

Watch for that final email 2 days before your session date and I’ll see you soon!

– Eva